The Rise of Climate Science: Book Review


book coverI’ve never met Gerald North, but I know some of his children. I’ve heard wonderful things about him for years. After reading this memoir, I can understand why.

The breadth of his career was astounding to someone who knows so little of research science. He did his best to explain the projects he worked on so that a general reader could comprehend them. I could follow some of his explanations, but sadly for me, many were over my head. I blame my own lack of knowledge for that.


What did come through, however, was his dedication to scientific principles, his tireless search for the truth, his humility, and his sense of humor.

I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in climate science. Not only does Dr. North provide a behind-the-scenes peek at the development of the field, but he also provides thoughtful insights into the state of science as a whole. After serving in both government and academic capacities, he has a well-rounded understanding of what holds scientific progress up and what propels it forward.

He also explains why our current climate is changing due to human activity. But he remains hopeful that we can face this challenge, and he evaluates the options available. I enjoyed the book very much.

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