Recommended books of American Poetry in English


December 9, 2021

811. Books of American poetry in English

Further Reading

A.R. Ammons A Coast of Trees: Poems, 1981.

In World War II, Poet A.R. Ammons began writing poetry while serving aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer escort. He later became a highly regarded professional poet and professor known for his lyric verse.

Elizabeth Bishop The Complete Poems, 1969.

As one of America’s Poet Laureates, Elizabeth Bishop is considered one of the most influential and important poets of the 20th century.

William Brewer, I Know Your Kind, 2017.

William Brewer writes poems on the destitute and the opioid-addicted in the Appalachian region of the United States.

Donald Hall Without, 1999.

Celebrated American poet Donald Hall writes honestly of his grief over losing his wife, poet Jane Kenyon and the agony of living without her.

Joy Harjo Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings, 2017.

Native American poet Joy Harjo writes of life, from the tragic past of the Trail of Tears to joyful moments today.

Edward Hirsh Gabriel: A Poem, 2014.

One of the most painful tragedies we can endure is losing a child. Through the loss of his son, Gabriel, poet Edward Hirsh shares the experience from his perspective. And he shares the views of other parents who have shared the ordeal throughout the past.

Ada Limon The Carrying, 2018.

In this follow-up to her poetry collection Bright Dead Things, Ada Limon celebrates the everyday joys and tragedies that make up human life. Despite the pain, she affirms that the experience is worth the pain and that it is all filled with meaning.

Frank X. Walker Turn Me Loose: The Unghosting of Medgar Evers, 2013.

Civil rights activist Medgar Evers was murdered in 1963. Frank X. Walker creates poems through the eyes of those who knew and loved him best. But he also presents poems from the vantage point of his assassin, Byron De La Beckwith. And in doing so, he provides a portrait of a man the world should never forget.

James Wright Above the River: The Complete Poems, 1990.

As one of 20th century America’s most beloved poets, James Wright’s contemplative poems are presented here in their entirety. His friend and fellow poet, Donald Hall wrote the Introduction.

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