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Ethics Books

Ethics Books

174 Occupational ethics books Further Reading Harriet Washington Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans From Colonial Times to the Present, 2007. Why do so many African Americans look at the medical and scientific...

General Arts Books

General Arts Books

700 Arts books The books classified specifically as 700 are those that deal in a general manner with the arts. For example, these books deal with art as a subject in and of itself. They are also placed in this category if they fit into several artistic disciplines or...

About the Book

If your idea of a blissful day is wandering through a bookstore or library followed by hours curled up in chair learning something new, then this book is for you.

Linda Maxie, aka Library Lin, is your friendly reader’s advisor. After combing through sixty-six lists of outstanding nonfiction books dating back over a century, she took the thousands of books she compiled and arranged them, just they would be found on the shelves of an extremely selective library. All the books in this portable collection have been singled out by committees of publishers, authors, librarians, and book reviewers.

Whether your interest is metaphysics, etiquette, quarks, hawks, mountain climbing, or blacksmithing, this book has you covered. Perfect for any booklover who wants to read only the best, it also makes an outstanding gift for all the booklovers in your life.

About the Author

Linda Maxie is a retired librarian from Virginia’s southern Piedmont region who is writing Library Lin’s Curated Collection of Superlative Nonfiction Books series. During her decades of library work, Linda got a lot of experience playing matchmaker for readers and books. Her obsession with quality led her to refine a method for choosing top books on any topic. When she’s not researching, she’s out roaming with her husband, Roger and their rescued cur dog, Dusty Kardashian.


Library Lin