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June 22, 2022

Great Books + Great Minds

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Diamond Michael Scott for Great Books+Great Minds. Michael’s online magazine is a book lover’s delight. His thought-provoking questions helped me clarify what I was trying to do for readers with my book.  Of the questions he asked, my favorite was how my book could help our fractured society to heal. Read the article to see my answer.

Diamond Michael Scott

Diamond-Michael Scott

It’s wonderful to connect with people who love books and appreciate their potential to help people in ways large and small.

Michael’s magazine approaches books from different angles. Sometimes he features a book he’s read within the context of what is happening in his own life or in the broader world. He also interviews people with specific interests and, in the course of the conversation, he will uncover books that have helped them gain skills or perspective in their field of interest. He also interviews people in publishing, from bookshop owners and authors.

Branching out

For the next 10 months, I will be writing a guest post for Great Books + Great Minds.

Each post will feature one division of the Dewey Decimal Classification system beginning with 000-099 (General Knowledge and Computer Science) in July. Each post will have book recommendations from that section along with useful tips on using the library for people who haven’t crossed a library’s threshold in while. I’m looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for books and libraries with his readers. I will also share them with you on my blog.

I can’t recommend his online magazine enough for booklovers. Not only does he provide intriguing titles to read, but he also provides food for thought on how to use those books in ways that might not seem obvious to many of us. I’m so happy to be collaborating with such a gracious and expansive thinker.


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