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You may be wondering what “further reading” on my blog is all about. I explain below.

My book

My book, Library Lin’s Curated Collection of Superlative Nonfiction: A Reader’s Guide, recommends thousands of nonfiction books for you to consider reading. I had a great time exploring sixty-seven lists of books, some of which are updated annually, to find books in every Dewey category that had been either award-winners or determined best books of the year. Some of these lists go back over a century.

So many books were recommended that I could not possibly fit them all into my book. The Dewey Decimal Classification, which I am using with permission from OCLC, has a thousand categories for book titles to be arranged by. While I annotated up to ten books in every category, some categories had many, many more books I could have used. So I created “Further Reading” lists to add up to ten more books. You will find the annotations to those books, Dear Reader, here on my blog.

How they’re arranged

I have categorized my Further Reading lists by Dewey Decimal Classification category title. So if you look at my categories, you will find annotations for the books I didn’t have room to annotate in the book.

If you’d like to scroll through the books in no particular order, you can type in the “further reading” tag. All my lists of annotated further reading can be found under that.

Why bother?

It’s a lot of trouble to write a book. Generally, when people go to that much trouble, they have something to say. All the books I’m recommending have been honored as outstanding in one way or another. It seems to me that’s it’s a shame to forget them.

My goal is to keep the titles in the public eye so maybe they will have a better chance of discovery by someone who might benefit from reading them. That person could be you.

An Invitation

So here’s my invitation:

Look through the lists. See if any interest you. Go to a library, a bookstore, or online to find them. Read them. You never know where that experience might take you!

And check back often! I put up new books two or three times per week.

I’m Library Lin, Bibliophile and Joyful Learner

Welcome to my world!

Feel free to comment on your favorite books below!



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