Books on the History of the North American Continent


November 27, 2023

970. Books on the history of North America

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Anthony Grafton New Worlds, Ancient Texts: The Power of Tradition and the Shock of Discovery, 1995.

The discovery of the Americas upended many ideas about the world entrenched in Europe for centuries. Historian Anthony Grafton explores the debates over what new findings meant for the Europeans who lived through them.

Enrico Mattievich Journey to the Mythological Inferno, 2010.

Using the story of The Odyssey, Enrico Mattievich replaces the Mediterranean Sea with the Amazon River to tell the story of South American exploration in mythic terms. Even more compelling, he argues that ancient Greeks were already acquainted with the Amazon River before The Odyssey was first told.

Samuel Eliot Morison The European Discovery of America, Vol. 1: The Northern Voyages, 500-1600, 1971.

In his coverage of European exploration of North America from the Viking voyages of 500 C.E. through the settlements at Jamestown and Plymouth, Samuel Eliot Morison shares the reality of the time, not the myths, from a European perspective.

Daniel K. Richter Facing East from Indian Country: A Native History of Early America, 2003.

Early in European immigration, the Indigenous peoples in the eastern half of the United States adapted to life with the newcomers. They mainly suffered from diseases brought by the settlers and economic and environmental challenges. However, after the United States gained its independence, the fledgling country’s refusal to find a place for the Native Americans was when their troubles became unsolvable.

Samuel Eliot Morison Admiral of the Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus, 1942.

American history scholar and U.S. Navy Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison writes a detailed account of the life of Christopher Columbus with details from all his voyages. Maps, charts, and drawings accompany the text.

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