Books on the History of Central Asia


August 28, 2023

958. Books on the History of Central Asia

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Steve Coll Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the C.I.A., Afghanistan, And Bin Laden, From the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001, 2004.

The United States Central Intelligence Agency unintentionally aided the rise of Osama Bin Laden through its activities meant to thwart the Soviet takeovers in Afghanistan in the 1970s. Using previously classified government files and interviewing U.S. officials and foreign spies, Steve Coll tells the story of the failure of U.S. intelligence to stem the tide of terrorism before 9/11.

Carter Malkasian War Comes to Garmser: Thirty Years of Conflict on the Afghan Frontier, 2013.

Carter Malkasian spent two years living in Garmser, in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. By sharing his experiences and conversations with villagers, tribal leaders, government officials, religious leaders, and the Taliban, he presents the events, beliefs, and relationships that fueled their resistance.

Sebastian Junger War, 2010.

Renowned writer Sebastian Junger follows a platoon of American soldiers on a fifteen-month tour of duty in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley. He looks at the extreme physical and psychological hardships they face and examines the relationships they have with one another and their attitudes about their service.

Jonathan Randal Osama: The Making of a Terrorist, 2005.

Jonathan Randal traces the life of Osama bin Laden, the wealthy Saudi Arabian leader who led the terrorist movement in the Middle East before American forces killed him.

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