Books on the Decorative Arts

October 25, 2021

745. Books on the decorative arts

Further Reading

Susan Beal, et al. Super Crafty: Over 75 Amazing How-to Projects!, 2005.

If you’re looking for inspiration to design your own crafts, this book can guide you through etching glass or making a skirt in an afternoon. The authors lead you through the level of difficulty for each project and help you locate supplies and needed tools.

Brian D. Conway and Amy L. Arnold, eds. Michigan Modern: Design that Shaped America, 2016.

Twentieth-century Michigan industries, such as automobile manufacturing, contributed quite a bit to Modern design and architecture. This collection of essays looks at the history, technology, and professionals involved.

John Fleming and Michael J. Rowan Canadian Folk Art to 1950, 2012.

Traditional Canadian decorative folk arts are disappearing. The authors and photographers involved in this project capture the paintings, rugs, quilts, and other traditions the nation is known for.

Judith Blacklock Encyclopedia of Flower Design, 2007.

Judith Blacklock uses many types of flowers and greenery to help you design beautiful, seasonal floral arrangements. She provides tips, step-by-step instructions, and uses materials suitable for any budget and level of skill.

Trula Magruder and Michele Watkin Tiny Treasures: Amazing Miniatures You Can Make, 1992.

The folks who brought the world the American Girl dolls and books provide this guide to making dollhouse furniture and accessories for dolls.

Brenna Maloney Socks Appeal: 16 Fun and Funky Friends Sewn from Socks, 2010.

Brenna Maloney will show you how to turn socks, andy type from baby socks on up to knee socks, into cute and silly animals. The sixteen projects are arranged from simplest to most advanced so you can work your way up. While making these projects is a fun hobby, they also make great gifts.

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