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January 9, 2024

792. Books on stage presentations

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Mikhail Baryshnikov Baryshnikov at Work, 1976.

World-renowned Russian ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov was at his professional peak when he wrote this book about his experiences in ballet. He also discussed technique, style, and how it feels to dance.

Jane Briggeman Burlesque: Legendary Stars of the Stage, 2004.

Burlesque may be more than you think. While many think of smoky stages, cat whistles, and tassels, burlesque had its roots in chorus lines, stellar music, and comedy. This second edition, published in 2016, covers the lives and stories of some of the great burlesque performers of the past.

Mande Dagenais Inspired to Dance: Everything You Need to Know about Becoming a Professional Dancer without Breaking a Leg, 2010.

Dancer, teacher, choreographer, director, and producer Mande Dagenais provides practical advice with dos and don’ts for anyone who aspires to become a professional dancer.

Liza Dalby Geisha, 1983.

Liza Dalby had the distinction of being the only non-Japanese person trained to be a geisha. In this memoir, she traces the history of the art and the hard work involved in training and performing.

Horst Koegler The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ballet, 1982.

This one-volume reference provides over five thousand entries on every aspect of ballet, including its centuries-old history.

Nancy Reynolds and Malcolm McCormick No Fixed Points: Dance in the Twentieth Century, 2003.

This stage and screen history documents ballet, modern dance, and experimental styles from 20th-century Europe and North America. Nancy Reynolds and the artists, composers, choreographers, and critics share different dance styles chronologically.

Matthew Miller Assassin’s Creed: The Complete Visual History, 2015.

Gaming journalist Matthew Miller traces the history of Assassin’s Creed, one of the most successful video game series. While the game is based on an immersive experience of global history, it is celebrated for its mythology, artwork, and characters. Miller provides information on the game’s origins, artists, and developers.

Mickey Rapkin Theater Geek: The Real Life Drama of a Summer at Stagedoor Manor, the Famous Performing Arts Camp, 2010.

By focusing on three senior campers at Stagedoor Manor, Mickey Rapkin tells what it’s like to be part of an elite camp created to help children and teenagers who want a career in acting. Set in New York’s Catskills mountains, the camp has been serving these children of the wealthy and scholarship students alike to learn what it takes to be a successful performing artist.

Larry Stemple Showtime: A History of the Broadway Musical Theater, 2010.

Larry Stemple searches primary sources and archival material to present the authoritative story of the styles and shows throughout American musical theater. In addition, the book also covers the influence of the shows on the larger culture.

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