Books on Non-Christian Religions and Spirituality


May 15, 2023

291. General books on non-Christian Religions and Spirituality

Further Reading:

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Marjorie Leach Guide to the Gods: A Dictionary of the Functions and Aspects of Deities, 1991.

In this look at gods and goddesses worldwide, scholar Marjorie Leach arranges the deities by their function and attributes.

Anthony S. Mercatante and James R. Dow Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, 2 vols. 1988.

Facts on File has been a respected publisher of reference works for nearly a century. This exploration of mythology and religions was updated and republished in 2004.

Connie Zweig The Holy Longing: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Longing, 2003.

Connie Zweig looks at people across history from varying religions, the famous and the ordinary, to examine what happens when our search for meaning and contact with the divine focuses on the wrong things like drugs, sex, or authoritarian leaders. Finally, she offers advice for reclaiming our legitimate search after we have wandered astray.

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