Books on Mathematics

510. Books on mathematics

Further Reading:

David Alan Grier When Computers Were Human, 2007.

How were long computations made before we had computers? Primarily by human beings, both men and women, trained to perform these calculations. David Alan Grier shares the stories of these human calculators who made unsung but invaluable contributions to science and technological advances.

John Allen Paulos Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences, 1988.

John Allen Paulos reveals how ignorance of mathematical concepts can harm you. Pseudo-science is a real and malignant force in modern society, and a sound grounding in math could shield you from some of its harmful effects.

David A. Sousa How the Brain Learns Mathematics, 2007.

David A. Sousa explains how the brain learns to grasp mathematical concepts. He also outlines the social and physical issues that may make learning them difficult. Finally, he offers suggestions for structuring math lessons for maximum learning, using the most recent research, making this book valuable for parents, teachers, or adults who struggle with math.

519. Books on Probabilities and applied mathematics

Ian Ayres Super-Crunchers: Why Thinking-by-Numbers is the New Way to Be Smart, 2007.

Big data boggles the mind. Economics professor Ian Ayers shows how it’s collected and used to determine predictions about your behavior that you are unconscious of. These predictions shape the world as much as they forecast it. He argues that to keep up, we all need to become educated in the ways and means of super-crunching.

Lorraine Daston Classical Probability in the Enlightenment, 1988.

Science historian Lorraine Daston’s book takes us back to the Age of Reason and shows us what expert probabilists had to say about what reason meant. Their views have shaped and determined applications of probability theory ever since.

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