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September 22, 2021

248. Books on Christian experience, practice, life

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Kathleen Deyer Boduc The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities, 2014.

Most parents and grandparents who are raising a child with disabilities know a lot about how to find help for the child. Kathleen Deyer Boduc shares ways they can nurture themselves through the difficult proess.

Justin Whitmel Early The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose in an Age of Distraction, 2019.

Justin Whitmel Earley says we all have daily habits that we are unconscious of. Sometimes they separate us from ourselves, our loved ones, and God. He shares a series of simple habits we can replace them with that will help us live the lives we were meant to live.

Terry Hershey The Power of Pause: Becoming More by Doing Less, 2010.

Terry Hershey says we must take time to be quiet if we want to live a deep and meaningful life. He shares why and how to slow down our fast-paced lives in 52 chapters.

Gary Jansen MicroShifts: Transforming Your Life One Step at a Time, 2019.

If you’re not happy, you don’t need to make major changes. Gary Jansen suggests small changes you can make in areas like sleeping and thinking that, over time,  can create great changes in your life.

David Jeremiah My Heart’s Desire: Living Every Moment in the Wonder of Worship, 2003.

Pastor David Jeremiah shares how to integrate worship into every moment of every day. Worship, he says,  was never meant to be an occasional activity.

Catherine Marshall A Closer Walk, 1987.

Catherine Marshall shares Bible verses and excerpts from her personal journals to inspire a closer her readers to develop a close relationship with God in their own lives.

James Martin Between Heaven and Mirth: Why Joy, Humor, and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life, 2001.

Jesuit priest, James Martin, aims to restore a sense of joy and laughter in our spiritual lives. Using scriptural passages and teachings from the Church, as well as other spiritual traditions, he helps you develop a healthy relationship with God.

Randall Schroeder Simple Habits for Marital Happiness: Practical Skills and Tools that Build a Strong and Satisfying Relationship, 2020.

Pastor and marital counselor Randall Schroeder provides practical lessons on how to have a happy marriage. Each lesson is built on forgiveness, closeness, handling disagreements, money management, and other areas to help keep your life together joyful.

Richard and Renee Stearns He Walks Among Us: Encounters with Christ in a Broken World, 2013.

After traveling the globe as the president of World Vision United States, Richard and Renee Stearns met people from every walk of life, even the poor, who live lives of overflowing love and joy.  They urge Christians in America to reach out, in the same spirit and share God’s love with others. Surface differences, they say, shouldn’t keep believers apart.

Paul David Tripp Parenting: The 14 Gospel Principles that Can Radically Change Your Family, 2017.

Parents want their children to live good and happy lives. Paul David Tripp reminds them that happy, obedient children begin with parents understand God’s principles for bringing up their children.

Simone Weil Waiting for God, 1950.

French philosopher, Christian mystic, and social activist Simone Weil shared this correspondence with the Reverend Father Perrin. In it, she shares her thoughts on the transcendent in the midst of human life.

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